Aware Moto Racing to learn from racing to improve motorcycle safety on the road.

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Oslo, July 5th 2024

Most motorcycle accidents happen in curves, and often neither the road, the conditions, nor the speed indicate that a dangerous situation should arise. Both rider skills and the technical condition of the motorcycle can play a role here, but the challenge is often to detect that something is in need of improvement, and what.

Erik Kjuus, the only Norwegian with an active license for Isle of Man races, has long been passionate about improving the safety of motorcyclists. This winter, he began exploring how artificial intelligence can detect patterns that are difficult to find and realised that this could be used to identify both technical and skill-related issues among regular motorcyclists.

He gathered the Norwegian technology company Aware Moto, serial entrepreneur Dag Loe, Dell- and EMC veteran Jul Johansen, and their combined network to initiate a project to explore how they could create an AI-driven technology to identify poor setups and weak skills. The result of this collaboration is Aware Moto Racing, which has just been established in Vestby, Akershus, Norway.

“It is difficult for most people to detect a poor setup before a dangerous situation arises, and then it is often too late,” explains Erik Kjuus. “For me as a road racer, it is really rewarding to be able to contribute my expertise to make the roads safer for motorcyclists.”

“Being able to take measurements under controlled, repetitive conditions is important for creating good AI-driven technology products,” says Andreas Nergaard, CEO of Aware Moto and also of the newly established company. “In the new company, we will be able to gather unique data from high-speed races, and at the same time contribute to research projects that give us better insight into what we can measure. We believe this can help reduce the number of unnecessary accidents on the road.”

“Aware Moto Racing is intended to be both a platform for technology companies to collaborate and a platform to include those who have been marginalised in society,” explains chairman Jul Johansen. “We have therefore chosen to organise the company as a social startup. This gives us the opportunity to have open collaborations with both companies and other social actors. We are in the process of putting together this network, and are still open to including the right partners.”

Aware Moto Racing will be launched the first weekend in July with participation and data collection at the classic race Imatranajo in Finland. This year’s sporting highlight is the Manx GP along the 60 km long legendary “Mountain Course” on the Isle of Man in August.

Aware Moto Racing AS is a Norwegian company with the purpose of conducting research and development to improve the safety of motorcyclists and contribute to social inclusion. 

Aware Moto AS is a Norwegian startup that produces aftermarket electronics for motorcycles and other vehicles.

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Andreas Nergaard – – +47 922 47 500

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Erik Kjuus’ Yamaha R6 ready for Imatranajo

Erik Kjuus at the Imatranajo paraden Juli 4th, 2024

Andreas Nergaard

Jul Johansen


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