Are you the right person for Aware Moto?

And is Aware Moto the right place to work for you?

Over the next few months we will be hiring our core team. This includes engineers, mechanics, software people, marketing and sales professionals, and various managers. To succeed, we need the very best people, but it's also important for us that those people share our vision and goals. If you think you can contribute to our adventure, please send us a mail at We'd like you to include your CV, but it's more important to make us fall in love with you.

Before you send your application, we'd like you to read about our values, and make sure you share those. We are building a company with a strong culture, which you can read more about below. It may be a good idea to think about how you can contribute to our culture.

Remote first

No single office location is the headquarter, and employees are treated the same if they share an office with the CEO, work from home, work as digital nomads, or work in a satellite office or cost center. This is the guiding principle when choosing ways of working and communication tools.

Constant improvement and learning

Both the organisation and each employee should improve in how they perform every day. We support all employees in their efforts to become better at their job, and expect them to have such ambitions. We strive to give everyone challenges to match their skills. The whole organisation shares information freely to understand where our processes can improve. Change is a fact of life.

Trust and respect

There is no room for politics. Decision making should be decentralised to the person who is best suited to make it, and they must be free to act within the limits of their authority without fear of retribution. Honesty, responsibility and transparency is rewarded with guidance, recognition and care.

Personal responsibility

Responsibility should not be forced on someone, but when accepted it means the employee is expected to deliver. Problems must be flagged as early as possible, and the organisation will do its best to support or adjust expectations. This is not failure, and does not reflect badly on the employee. Saying nothing and not delivering the expected result on time is unacceptable. The ability to take on challenging responsibilities, be open about challenges, and deliver results is the core competency for every employee.

Work-life balance

Enough time off means better performance when working. We give and ask for flexibility, and respect that everyone needs time away from work. In a global organisation, many employees won't have strict working hours and must frequently be available outside the normal working day. That does not mean they should work more hours. We provide a decent amount of paid vacation time.

Respect for people's time

We avoid wasting our own and other employees' time. We show up for meetings in time, and keep them short. We avoid disturbances at work, and don't unnecessarily other's working processes. When socialising, we're social, when not, we're efficient.

Tight coordination

All managers must align priorities with their team members weekly, and all teams must meet regularly to coordinate. Managers' most important role is to delegate, remove friction and handle escalations. Changes in priority is a two-way process guided by our common goals and values. Goal setting is a collaborative process. Team size is limited to the number of team members the manager can effectively support.

Equity and diversity

We succeed together, and are rewarded equitably based on our contribution. Salaries are open, and are based on locality, experience, responsibility and competencies. Additional rewards reflect personal contribution and achievement of company, team and personal goals. Evaluation of performance is an open and thorough process. We strive to have a diverse leadership, and to include the voices of all levels of the organisation in decision-making. We don't tolerate any discrimination or exclusion based on gender, ethnicity, religion or sexuality.