Aware Products

The Aware product line is currently under development, and will consist of a variety of hardware and software products that will cooperate to provide features to enhance the motorcycling experience. There is significant room for innovation, and we believe that many features can be provided by partners. If you want to look into opportunities to cooperate, please contact

Aware Core

Aware Core is the central unit in the Aware ecosystem. It is mounted on the motorcycle, and connects to the battery. It can also connect to the diagnosis port of the motorcycle to retrieve information through CANBUS, K-line, or J-1850. It contains several sensors, such as GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer, and hygrometer. It can communicate wirelessly over LTE-M and Bluetooth LE. It also provides a cabled network for use on the motorcycle. This provides a data bus (using AwareBus a variant of J-1939 CANBUS) as well as up to 5A of power.

Aware Core continuously analyses the state of the motorcycle, and can recognise situations such as theft and accidents. In the case of theft, the owner is alerted through Aware App and can track the motorcycle. In the case of an accident, emergency contacts or the emergency services are alerted, making sure the rider gets help. Aware Core can also be used to log data during the ride, and upload that data to Aware Cloud or a memory card.


Aware Nodes is the common name for various units that can be mounted on the motorcycle to improve the motorcycling experience. These can be sensors, input devices, displays and indicators, lights, switches, or mechanical devices. They exchange information with Aware Core and other Aware Nodes over AwareBus or Bluetooth LE. They can also be powered by AwareBus.

Over the next few months we will be presenting the first set of Aware Nodes, and we're excited to show how we can implement a smart motorcycle. We're continuously working on prototypes, and hope that other motorcyclists find this an interesting process. If you want to implement an Aware Node yourself, please contact us at We're always interested in cooperative innovation, and we have a prototype board that can help you unleash your creativity.

Aware APP

Aware App will be available on iOS, iPadOS, and Android (prototype is iOS only), and communicates with the Aware system through Bluetooth LE or Aware Cloud. The App is used to configure the system, and can be used to retrieve information from the bike and the Aware Core and Nodes. It can be used to interact directly with the system through voice assistants. 

Aware App can also be used as a dashboard display to show what happens when you ride. It can give you the information you want, which may or may not be what the motorcycle manufacturer wanted. We will also implement Apple CarPlay in upcoming versions.


Aware Cloud is a framework for implementing cloud based features. In its basic version it implements tracking features, eCall, push features to enable Aware App to communicate with the motorcycle, and a database for storing information. An advanced API allows partners and users to implement data driven features that we haven't yet thought of.

Aware Moto provides a cloud service that is available for anyone who owns an Aware Core, but users can also deploy their own server instances to get full control of their data. Aware Cloud will be released as open source software with a dual license in 2022. For more information, please contact