Aware Moto Racing

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Extreme environments are ideal for learning

Aware Moto Racing is the testing ground for our technology, the training facility for our AI, and an outlet for our need for speed.

It is also where we can move out of our bubble to focus on what is really important – reducing risk while maximising the motorcycling experience. To ensure that we keep that focus, Aware Moto Racing is a not-for-profit company, with Aware Moto as a majority shareholder.

By participating in the most extreme motorcycle road races, we can make sure that our technology is up for any challenge regular riders can throw at it.

Sporting ambitions

We focus on the classic road racing events that are arranged on tracks that are usually public roads. This is the way racing was first done, before race tracks were built.

This style of racing has unique risks, and require a different skill set than track racing. We believe that it is uniquely suited for our research purposes.

Our pilot in 2024 is Erik Kjuus, who has participated at Manx GP several times. We aim to race at Manx GP as well as the IRRC events at Imatra, Chimay and Frohburg.

In 2025 we hope to extend the team with at least one additional pilot, and to increase the number of races we participate in.

Artificial Intelligence in Motorcycling

Aware Moto Racing was born when our lead pilot, Erik Kjuus, understood that AI can be used to discover flaws in bike setup and rider skills. He gathered his extended network, and found the right partners to start the project.

We are still looking for partners in this endeavour. Contact us if you think you can contribute!

A place to belong and grow

The modern workplace is a tough place to be for many of us. Some just can’t hack it, and fall out of the work force.

This doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute to the world, and at Aware Moto Racing we have made it our mission to include people who otherwise struggle in our team and in our workshop.

We provide repair and maintenance services for race bikes, as well as suspension and tyre services for street bikes.

Working with both government bodies and other non-profits, we expect to expand our team with undiscovered talent in the Autumn of 2024.

Meet our team

Andreas Nergaard


Jul Johansen


Dag A. Aa. Loe

Board member

Erik Kjuus

Lead pilot and mechanic