Our team

Andreas Nergaard


Andreas is a technology manager and serial entrepreneur who now works with his biggest passion, motorcycles.

Ole Kristian Western


Ole is an actual rocket scientist who uses his expertise from aerospace and defence to improve motorcycling.

Kamil Krzyżanowski 

Lead hacker & data technician

Kamil is the guy who makes things work no matter the situation or surroundings.

Erik Kjuus

Pilot – Aware Moto Racing

Erik is an active Isle of Man-licensed road racer, and shares his passion and skill with the community.

Jul Johansen

Chairman – Aware Moto Racing

Jul is an experienced senior executive with EMC and Dell, but his heart has always belonged to racing.

Dag A. Aa. Loe

Board member – Aware Moto Racing

Dag is an innovator and acoustics expert who created DAAL, the world’s best system for quiet helmets.