We improve the
motorcycling experience

This mission statement is our reason to exist, and will guide our choices on all levels of the organisation.

The consequences of our commitment to our mission include:

We must always listen to our customers, as their enjoyment of the product is our primary goal.

We must make our customers proud, keeping ethically in line with their expectations. When they use our product, they should feel that the product represents their values.

We can never betray our customers' trust or exploit them in an unfair way.

Our products must perform beyond expectations, and our sales and support must make our customers feel valued.

From these commitments, we get

core values


We always focus on making a great experience even better.


We actively participate in the community, and let the community influence our decision making


We hold ourselves to high standards on all aspects of our work and its results.


We do our best to take responsibility for the well being of our team, our customers, and the world.

Our core values must shine through all our activities, from board decisions to production line, from marketing to support. We will use our values and mission statement actively when communicating with our stakeholders and the world, and we will hold ourselves to our goals.

We strongly believe that success is not only measured in profits, but also in how we make the world better.