We support you
in the moment

The moment. As motorcyclists, this is what we're chasing. That perfect unity between the world, the machine, and the rider. The flow, the focus, the feeling of mastering a demanding situation.

A lot of riders are sceptical of adding too much tech to their rides, because they don't want to have anything between them and the moment. For us, this is the primary requirement for implementing smart features to improve the motorcycling experience. We cannot ever come between the rider and the ride. We see how added technology in cars have made drivers less aware of their surroundings, and we know how dangerous it would be if the same happened on a motorcycle.

There is also a safety aspect to this. As a motorcycle is inherently unstable, any technology involvement in steering, breaking and acceleration must be controlled by the rider. The rider is always responsible for making the choices on the road.

While we support features that allow road users to exchange information, we strongly believe that any information that is generated during your ride belongs to you. We will therefore do our utmost to stop tracking of your motorcycle, unless you explicitly want it.

We help you
make memories

After the ride, the memories remain. The series of back road turns we negotiated perfectly. The off road track that led to a view of the whole valley. But also the scary situation where a car coming out of nowhere almost hit us.

Our products allow you to log your rides, where you've been, and what happened. You can use this to share a good ride, or to analyse your riding or situations that happened. This is all up to you.

But more importantly, these are your memories, and your data. We promise that we will never sell your memories, and that if you store data in our servers, we will do our best to make them inaccessible for everyone else. You can always choose what you want to store, and if you can choose where you want to store your data.

Our business model is creating great products to our customers, and our customers and their memories will never be the product.

We enhance your
bike's technology

A quirky way of defining technology is stuff that doesn't quite work yet. Unfortunately, most motorcycles fit that description, at least from time to time. And we always see room for improving the way they work.

We give you the opportunity to do just that. We liberate the data you need to understand what's going on, we provide the platform to analyse the data, and we allow you to add new features that integrate seamlessly. And we do that trying to remove the technology from the experience by making sure it works.

We enable a
social ride

There is only one thing better than the perfect ride, it's sharing it with friends. For many, motorcycling is a social experience, where they get to share great experiences with other riders they care about. If you want, the information about your ride can be shared with others, or help you find people to spend the day with. 

But the right to be social also includes the right to choose who you want to be with. We're not a social network trying to dominate your life, you explicitly tell us what you want to share. If that's nothing, great! Enjoy that serene moment alone. As anyone can host an Aware Cloud, you can also choose to be social within your select group without outside interference. Or you may open your network to travellers and visitors, increasing the likelihood of those unexpected great moments of togetherness.

We improve your
riding safety

Our approach divides safety into three phases, before the ride (preparation), during the ride (performance), and after an accident has happened (mitigation). 

The preparation phase is a rational phase, where we can make informed choices. We help you know the condition of the motorcycle, we help you practice your riding skills, and we help you plan your ride. The goal is that when you start that engine, you will be as well prepared as possible for your ride.

In the performance phase, we're less rational. We're chasing experiences, and decisions are made without much consideration. We can keep you better informed about your bike and your surroundings, and provide you with the exact information you need, without getting between you and your ride. We can also provide smart features that make your bike better and safer without requiring you to do anything. 

When an accident has happened, we enter the mitigation phase. We detect the accident, and make sure help arrives even if you're unable to call for it yourself. We make sure you have the data necessary to figure out what happened, in case you need them for insurance purposes. Of course, we won't have access to your data without your consent. We can also alert other riders close to you that you need help.

Improving safety is not only about the rider, but also about their loved ones. Giving those at home the confidence that you are safe gives you freedom. If you want, you can share your location with them, or just the fact that your motorcycle is upright and running, so you are probably OK.

We make your
bike secure

Most of us have a personal connection to our bikes, and having them stolen is a nightmare. Aware Core includes theft detection, and you will be notified on your phone if someone tries to steal the bike. If you want, you can add audible alarms with a siren or the horn. This can scare off less professional thieves, while others will just ignore the noise and hurry up. Your choice depending on the situation.

If the bike is stolen, we track it using GPS, so that you can follow it. You can also send commands to smart features on the bike to make it harder to drive away on.